Buy land and operate in the New Coastal Smart City- DUTY FREE AND VAT FREE

Located in Grand Port, the Freeport zone is the ideal location for local and international companies trading high value and time sensitive products. Its closeness to the airport provides convenience for collecting, storage, break-bulk, packing and forwarding of goods while enjoying :

  • reduced port handling charges
  • free repatriations of profit
  • 0% Corporate Tax
  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Duty-Free and VAT free for goods and equipment imported into the Freeport zone
  • Possibility to sell up to 50% of re-export value to the local market, subject to VAT and custom duties.
  • Possibility to lease any immovable property without the approval of the PMO for a term exceeding twenty (20) years

Potential Activities in the Freeport:

  • Logistics companies
  • Freight forwarding Companies
  • Medical Companies
  • Pharmaceutical and Bio Companies
  • Light Industrial Companies
  • Vaulting Companies
  • Warehousing and Storage

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